Separation Performance for Decanting Centrifuge

A good quality decanting centrifuge should meet several features, such as anti-corrosive and anti-explosion. Actually, as the name implies, decanting centrifuge is used for separating something in drilling fluids, thus it should have excellent separation performance.

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge

The separation performance is one of the most basic functions, including the effect of separation, washing effect, processing capacity, the degree of automation and so forth.
At the beginning of order, because of differences in material properties, including viscosity, density, particle size, slurry solid-liquid ratio and so on, it is difficult to accurately determine the final separation effect, and generally measure the separation effects of vacuum degasser from the separation factor. Separation factor relates to the speed and diameter of drum. It has square relationship with angular speed of drum.
The washing here refers to the washing of filter cakes, for some materials, the cake has to be washed with washing liquid, even after several times of washing can meet the requirements, and then need to configure the washing tube. Effect of washing, washing time and washing pipe has a great influence, layout, structure of aperture.
The separation precessing capacity of the solids control system is relevant with physicochemical properties and requirements of separation, which is generally estimated to number of cycles for one hour and a single run of the filter cake weight.
Decanting centrifuge is also known as decanter centrifuge. These solids control equipment have different names but they are the same thing.

KOSUN is a specialized manufacture for decanting centrifuge and other solids control system. Welcome to contact when you need any help for solids control equipment.

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Function and Performance of Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

Shale shaker is the most important purification equipment in solids control system. As the first level purification for drilling fluid, its effect is to remove the over 70μm drilling fluid particles that are returning from the wellhead, without broken, so that the next grade purification equipment can do further purification to drilling fluid.

shale shaker

shale shaker

The performance of shale shaker will not only affect the quality of first level purification, but also has a great effect on the performance of lower purification equipment.

Shale shaker is composed of frame, shaker screen vibration generator, damping component and the like, screening the larger solid phase mechanical vibration and part of tiny solid by adsorption. Drilling fluid returns back from wellhead flows to the surface of shale shaker screen via feed chute, solid phase is discharged from the tail of shaker screen, and liquid phase less than solid flows into drilling fluid system, so as to complete the separation.

The principle of the solid control equipment is driven by the motor rotating the eccentric shaft, the eccentric shaft rotates to produce powerful centrifugal force on the elastic vibrator, which is fixed on the frame of the stainless steel mesh cloth with high frequency vibration sieve and screening large drilling fluid debris.

KOSUN produces and offers mud shaker and shaker screen with various specifications. Mail to when you need any help.

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In many cases, combinations of vibratory screening and settling/centrifugal force are used together to provide an effective separation.   The most familiar combination separator is the Mud Cleaner, which is the third class solids control equipment. KOSUN drilling mud cleaner are combined from Desander, Desilter and an Underflow Screen, at the same time Mud cleaner has the higher cleaning function compared with separated desander and desilter. Mud cleaner is the ideal device to treat the drilling mud.

KOSUN high efficient mud cleaner
KOSUN high efficient mud cleaner

Mud cleaner is consists of a two-stage separation process using a combination of hydrocyclones mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit. Designed to handle the entire circulating volume, Drilling cuttings cleaners are effective on both weighted and unweighted drilling-fluid systems in removing and drying solids while retaining the expensive liquid. The hydrocyclones (desanders and desilters) make the primary separation with underflow directed onto the shaker’s vibrating screen. Used correctly, the drilling mud cleaner lower both drilling-fluid and disposal costs. In oilfield solids control, mud cleaners are very efficient for  oil gas well. Mud Cleaners are one of the important equipments for solids liqiud separation system.

KOSUN Desander & Desilter
KOSUN Desander & Desilter

With 20 years experience of serving oil & gas drilling industry, KOSUN has obtained good reputation with qualified products, and superior service, and has established good relationship with global customers. KOSUN solids control equipment have been exported to over 45 countries, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Egype, Brazil, Mexico., etc.


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The drilling liquid cleaner is fixed drilling liquid solids control equipment consisting of desander,desilter and shale shaker. It integrates the performance of aforesaid three equipments, featuring large disposal capacity, rapid treatment speed, less energy consumption, occupying small space, etc. It receives the most welcome in the international drilling market.

KOSUN High efficient mud cleaner
KOSUN High efficient mud cleaner

Usage & Application Scope

the Mud Cleaner is a key member of solid control equipments of drilling fluid that efficiently removes silt sized particles between 20~74 micron cut.It is comprised of one shale shaker,one desander and on desilter. It can efficiently handle the shale shake underflow, which can lead to high drilling speed with low cost.

The equipment has the feature of compact structure,small volume,convenient installation,and large handling capacity etc.


Mechanics & Working Principle

the mud cleaner are complete with desander hydrocyclone, desliter hydrocyclone, linear motion shale shaker, mud trough, manifold, base and all necessary connections.

Under normal conditions,the desander assy is used to remove the sdy solids during 40-74μm, the desilter assy is used to remove the pelitic solids during 20-40μm,and the shale shaker is used to recycle the liquidoid or barite.


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Mud cleaneris a combination of desander and desilter, which is mounted over a shaker with a fine mesh screen, to remove the solids from the drilling mud. As the third stage of solids control equipment at drilling rig, mud cleaner plays an important role in solids control system.

KOSUN Mud Cleaner
KOSUN Mud Cleaner

Structure and working principle of mud cleaner.

KOSUN Mud Cleaner Working Principle
KOSUN Mud Cleaner Working Principle

Mud cleaner is consist of manifold, shaker screen, and hydrocyclone. First the drilling fluids are sucked up to 0.25Mpa ~ 0.4Mpa by sand pump, and enter into the cones through the side inlet which is normally only 2-1/2″ diameter. The fluids then flow spirally inside of the cone. Effected by the centrifugal force, the heavy solids in the fluids would be throwed towards the inner wall of the cones, go down to the bottem, and discharge through the sand discharge port, while the light fluids would go up and discharge through the upper oulet. The diameter of the bottom discharge port is adjustable, and with a cover of hydrocyclone.

Mud cleaner is normally mounted after the vacuum degasser, but before centrifuge, so that the air that enter into the drilling mud can be first removed by degasser, and avoiding air blocking of the mud cleaner hydrocyclone. And the drilling mud with smaller particles can go to the centrifuge through vertical slurry pump to be further treated.


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QZS210 mud cleaner is the 2nd and 3rd solids control equipment for drilling mud. It separates the treated mud with impurities for the mud can enter the fourth separating equipment. QZS210 mud cleaner can be used separately. Meanwhile, the underflow shaker is combined equipment as the 1st solids shaker.

KOSUN QZS210 underflow shaker is a HF linear machine. It includes three screen frame and two vibration motor. It features handle adjustable while drilling (AWD). The personnel can adjust screen frame from -1°to+5° as the QZS703 shaker proceeds. QZS703 shakers can separate the cuttings due to the special structure and design. Fix the vibration motor on screen frame by strong support bar and situate it on screen bed.  Using base frame, the vibration motor can affect the vibration force (G-force)on screen cloth directly. Avoid the shaking effects on screen basket by isolation mounting. The screen bed is raised lightly for better to tension the screen cloth.  Longer life and perfect performance can be combined using this way. The mud is flow to QZS 703 shaker via catch plate of desilter and desander or feeder.

Design of desander and desilter basing on particles settle principal. The separating mediums (mud) can form a certain kind of pressure and speed by sand pump and enter along the inner wall of cone spirally. The bigger particles are settled along inner wall of cone under the centrifuge force and gravity. Then it is drained from underflow mouth and dropped into under finer shaker to be separated.

For giving play to equipment and ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment, any change is prohibited without written permission of KOSUN. Only KOSUN spare parts can be used.

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Technical Parameter of Kosun drilling mud cleaner QZS210  as following :

1.Motor power:   1.72kwX2

2.Motion Trial:Linear

3.Max.Vibration Force:  7.4g

4.Screen Size:       700X1050mm

5.Screen mesh: 20-300meshes

6..Screen Area:  2.2m²

7.Adjuction angle:         -1°~5°

8.Cone dia.Of Desilter:   100mm?

9.Cone dia.of Desander:  250mm

10.Matched motor:         55kW

11.Separating:        10~100μm

12.Work pressure:        0.21~0.45 MPa

13.Capacity:          240m/h

14.Weight:      2380kg



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A mud cleaner is a type of cleaning and purifying system in a drilling system. When mud goes into a drilling system, such as one used for oil drilling, it first passes through a hydrocyclone, which is the first step in purifying the mud. After solids pass through this system, they next meet the mud cleaner, which is a mesh that has tiny holes to keep larger solids from passing through to the fluid. The mesh itself typically is made to block barite, because this is a common substance used and found in drilling. This keeps the mud from becoming too thick and stopping the drill, and it allows the larger particles to be used for other purposes.

KOSUN Mud Cleaner Hydrocyclone
KOSUN Mud Cleaner Hydrocyclone

The first step in using a mud cleaner is to send the mud through a hydrocyclone, because it would be too thick for the cleaner to effectively work with. A hydrocyclone is a device that uses force to push purified mud through the top of the cyclone as thicker particles pass through the bottom section. Anything that goes through the bottom section then meets the mud cleaner.

While a hydrocyclone can help purify mud to an extent, the mud cleaner is responsible for purifying the mud even further. The cleaner is little more than a mesh with fine holes made to let tiny particles pass through. Anything that is tiny enough to pass through the holes then meets and mixes with the purified mud expelled from the hydrocyclone.


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Kosun Solid Control Equipment

Being the first professional manufacturer of Solids Control System in China,Kosun is a vital part of the world’s hydrocarbon exploration and productionindustry, as well as one of top threesolids control equipmentsuppliers in China.

Kosunsolids controlequipments& systems, Kosun waste management equipments,and its turn-key ecommerce solutions play important roles in rigs for drillingand serving Oil-Gas, Geothermy, Shale gas and Coal Bed Methane, construction,etc. Kosun supply its products for CNPC, CNOOC ,HH, Gazprom, RG, NOV, etc. fora long time.

Vocuum Degasser
Vocuum Degasser

II. Development and Expansion Capacity of Xi’an KOSUN

Today,KOSUN has created the strategics tructure of three offices and two factories.

The Production and Research& Development Centeris located in Xi’an.

The Overseas Project Management Center and International Trade Centeris located in Beijing,China.

The Oil field Services and Oilfield Engineering Centeris located in Aktobe, Kazakhstan Middle Asia.

The two major factories are dedicated to equipment manufacture and drilling waste services.

Xi’anKOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd.Founded in 1992, is registered in Xi’an of China witha registered capital of RMB 12 million Yuan. Xi’an KOSUN is dedicated to there search & development, manufacture, marketing and services of solid control systems and equipment for drilling industry. It is the manufacturing base of solid control in northwest China, meanwhile the manufacturingbase and domestic marketing center of KOSUN products. The company hasmore mature and stable domestic sales network, covering the well-known major oilfields and drilling companies, and develops certain number of new customers from emerging petroleum companies.

Xi’an KOSUN has expanded its modern manufacturing workshops area up to 30,000m2at the beginning of 2013, andcounts200 employees, 53 modern offices and 200 staff quarters. The factory are equipped with a staff canteen and recreational facilities. The company provides its employees with catering, accommodations, entertainment and all the necessary to ensure the best performance.

Xi’an KOSUN is equipped with the domestic first-class production line with the ability to produce full sets of drilling mud recycling system and drilling waste management system, and every single equipment of the system. KOSUN has the production capacity.


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Top 10 solids control equipment supplier

Solids Control is one of the most important phases of the drilling procedure. Effective Solids Control allows viscosity and density to be kept within wanted levels, which increases the life of pump parts and drill bits and boosts faster penetration rates-all of which decrease the time and expense of drilling. If mud solids are not rightly controlled, the density of the mud can increase above the desired weight, which can negatively affect many areas of the drilling process.

Shale Shaker
Shale Shaker

1. Derrick equipment Derrick is considered the world leader in the design and manufacture of high frequency vibrating machines and screen surfaces used to screen a wide variety of wet or dry fine materials in the range of 3/8 inch to 400 mesh (10 mm to 38 microns). Derrick screens are designed to address the specific demands of the mining, aggregate, chemical, plastics, waste water and forest products industries. Derrick main products includes Sandwich Screen® panel, Multifeed screening machine, Flo-Line® Cleaner (linear motion shaker), PWP™ Screen Panel (repairable screen), Polyurethane screen surfaces, HI-G™ Dryer, Pyramid™ Screen (three-dimensional screen), Flo-Line Scalper, Super G™ Vibrating Motor, High “G” Solution®, Stack Sizer.


2. M-I SWACO In August 2010, M-I SWACO became part of Schlumberger through its merger with Smith International. M-I SWACO equip customers with the systems and technologies that enable them to meet their needs at every stage of the drilling process through ensuring efficient and profitable production. M-I SWACO provide drilling fluid systems engineered to improve drilling performance by anticipating fluids-related problems, fluid systems and specialty tools designed to optimize wellbore productivity, production technology solutions to maximize production rates, and environmental solutions that safely manage waste volumes generated in both drilling and production operations. M-I SWACO includes Drilling Fluids Systems & Products, Completion Systems, Fluids, & Tools, Solids Control, Drilling Waste Management, Waste Management, MPD, UBD & Pressure Control, Process Control & Rig Instrumentation, SG-SMART Data-Acquisition, Production Chemicals & Process Solutions, HDD, Mining & Water well.


3. NOV Brandt Brandt is a subsidiary of National Oilwell Varco, the industry’s technological leader. NOV Brandt provides solids control and waste management products and services to the oil and gas industry since 1974. NOV Brandt operates a global network of sales, service, manufacturing, distribution and waste treatment facilities. Solids control and waste management products and services to the oil and gas industry. Brandt Solids Control Equipment includes, but is not limited to: gumbo removal equipment, shale shakers, mud conditioners, degassers, hydrocyclones, centrifuges and dryers.


4. Kosun Being the first professional manufacturer of Solid Control System in China, Kosun is a vital part of the world hydrocarbon exploration and production industry, as well as one of top three Solids Control Equipment suppliers in China, which offers its products for CNPC, CNOOC ,HH, Gazprom, RG, etc . Kosun solids control equipments & systems, Kosun waste management equipments, and its turn-key ecommerce solutions play important roles in rigs for drilling and serving Oil-Gas, Geothermy, Shale gas and Coal Bed Methane, construction, and for municipal sewerage system.


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